Joy Kieffer’s son, SGT Kevin Ash, died in 2017 from complications following a sports-related head injury. But in fact it was his exposure to IEDs in Iraq that led to him contracting CTE, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a debilitating brain condition that is difficult to diagnose, and ultimately ended his life.
Christina Thundathil is an Army veteran that deployed to Iraq shortly after the war began in 2003. While there as a cook, she had the horrific job of burning human waste at a burn pit and is now suffering the physical consequences. She is not alone, thousands of veterans who suffered from burn pit exposure are fighting for health benefits, but to no avail. Listen to Christina share her story.

We speak with Jeff Swire from Patriots Cove (www.patriotscove.org) where veterans can go to rest, relax, rehabilitate, and fish to their hearts’ content. Jeff is the real deal, a retired Army SFC that focuses now on helping other vets integrate back to civilian life. He’s an amazing guy, with an amazing property. We invite you to follow the link and check out Patriots Cove…after you listen, of course
Stephen Machuga is a former Army captain and avid gamer. He has taken his passion for video games and started StackUp (stackup.org), an organization that brings veterans and active duty military together through a love of gaming. It’s a great org that does a lot for our troops, go check them out!
We speak with Nancy Foti and Erin Ralston, attorneys for Goodman Allen Donnelly (goodmanallen.com). We discuss the entire appeals process for VA disability claims, and when you should consider hiring a lawyer to help.

Mark Andrew is the founder of Therapeutic Adventures (taonline.org), an organization focused on helping individuals with physical and developmental disabilities, including veterans who suffered physical wound of war. He takes these vets out to ski slopes and kayaking on rivers to get them out of the house and back into nature. He’s been doing this for decades and has helped hundreds of veterans get their lives back. Mark is truly a hero that helps.

So many veterans return from war needing some help. They need a partner. And they find that need fulfilled by a service dog. But these dogs aren’t cheap, and it’s amazing when heroes step up to fill the gap and give back to these wounded warriors. Leashes of Valor (leashesofvalor.org) is an organization dedicated to saving the warfighter when they return home. They rescue shelter dogs, train them, and give them for free to worthy vets who are forever grateful. Check out their story, and help them out by checking out their Wish List (here: a.co/dt6ZVM9) and literally giving a dog a bone.
Operation Combat Bikesaver (combatbikesaver.org) helps veterans heal through the overhaul of motorcycles. It’s called “wrench therapy” and founder Jason Zaideman goes into detail about how garage time can help save vet lives.

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