About Coming Home Well

For hundreds of years, the United States has effectively sent soldiers into battle, but we have fallen short on bringing them home and assimilating our warriors back to society.  Here, we provide information and stories to show civilians how to help veterans come home well because face it, you are the most important part of the battle. You show us we are not alone, and you are the key to us coming home well.

My name is Bob Abbott, and I went to war as a brilliant young man with everything ahead of me. I came back disabled, angry, divorced and broken after serving two tours in Afghanistan. My dream is that no other veteran has to suffer that same fate.

Let me ask you this, what do you say to a veteran sitting alone at a bar? What if they were drinking a beer and had a second beer sitting to their side, with a small card that says “Until Valhalla” on it? What would you do?  That’s why we have this show, to help you better know how to help the veteran in a situation just like that, along with many others.  While other shows might feature veteran issues to a veteran audience, this is the only show of its kind with the intent to train you, the civilian audience, how to better help us feel normal again.

We invite you to join us, to share in our joy and our sorrows, and to learn from these experts we are lucky enough to call friends.

But you have to bring your own beer.

The Hosts:

Bob Chambless - March 2014 6Bob Abbott

Bob Abbott is a former Air Force Intelligence Officer and linguist.  Really, he’s a former lot of things.  He currently is a dad, husband, teacher, journalist, angry veteran, beer connoisseur, and foot masseuse.  And all of that is true, except he doesn’t like feet.  You can follow his lunacy on Twitter (or really anything) by searching for @thebobabbott.  No feet pics.

Adam McLeod

Ai1936911_102134126465466_6908006_nr Force Military Police K-9 Handler for 12.5 years. First deployment to Iraq in 2003 asK-9 explosives detection. Retrained into intelligence in 2005. Second deployment to Iraq in 2007 attached to US Marine Corps Explosives Ordnance Disposal. While attached to Marine Corps EOD, he was exposed to numerous IED blasts. The rest of us speak very slowly when talking to Adam, and choose small words.

David Lawson

David Lawson Jr. is a independent film and commercial David Lawsonproducer. David served in the US Air Force from 99-03 as an Airborne Radio Operator aboard E-3 AWACS. He participated in Operation Northern Watch, Southern Watch, Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom during his 4 years. Since transitioning out of the military life, he has used the skill set that he learned while enlisted to advance through the world of film production.

Shanna Morin

Wife of a functioning dysfunctional combat veteran who also 10659339_633393480105069_7981049615084615871_nhappens to be a baby factory and work-from-home. Day to life consists of making our little minions happy and trying to be a voice for the spouses of combat veterans. Together, as a couple, we also give back to our community of service members as an outlet of the stresses of every day life. As the lone female, I bring with me a feminine touch and a smart sass that evens out the masculinity of this show.


2 thoughts on “About Coming Home Well

  1. Search for the folk group “The War and Treaty”. He is a an Iraq veteran. Read his story and/or listen to their recent NPR interview.


  2. I would like to inquire about coming on your show for an interview. I’m the author of Break Every Chain: A Police Officer’s Battle With Alcoholism, Depression, and Devastating Loss; and the True Story of How God Changed His Life Forever. I’m also a Charlottesville area resident! Please let me know if we can do an interview! The book is endorsed by Lt Col Dave Grossman and many others, and is an Enduring Light Medalist (Illumination Book Awards).


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