We Need Your Help, And It’s Only a Buck!

One of the challenges with any nonprofit is raising funds to keep operations going.  Partly because we don’t like asking, and partly because nobody likes that whole guilt thing.  But we know that many of you want to help veterans, and don’t know how.  Well here’s a great way to directly and immediately help veteran programs.

“For only 39 cents, less than the price of a cup of coffee…” We’ve all seen these commercials that tug on our heart strings.  Although you probably haven’t seen this one. Seriously, it’s worth the 3 minutes of your life and you’ll laugh.

Bluntly, we need your help.  But we aren’t going to ask for a donation of $50 or $100 or even $200.  Rather, we would love it if you could spare a buck.

Yup, that’s right.  Four quarters.  An Arizona Iced Tea with change back for the little Share a Penny cup next to the register.

You see, if you join our Patreon as a sponsor of $1 a month, it sets up a recurring payment that you won’t even notice.  But we have over 15,000 listeners.  If just 10 % help us with a buck a month, it’ll transform the show.

I won’t hide the fact that I totally co-opted the idea from Jason Zaideman at Operation Combat Bikesaver.  And of course, if you have TWO whole dollars, flip one over there to those guys.  They rock.

Now what will happen with your buck?  Right now we need to raise the funds to file as an official 501(c)3.  That will be roughly $1000.  That’s in addition to the usual operating costs of $300 a week.  Which doesn’t include the video, or the email newsletter, or the website redesign….etc.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, can you spare a buck?  It’ll mean the world to us, all for less than the price of a cup of coffee.

And Happy Veteran’s Day.


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