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Thank You For Your Vote

How many times do us veterans hear “thank you for your service”?  What exactly are we being told when we hear that?  “Hey, that stuff you did over there, thanks for that.”  “Hey, thanks for polishing boots.”  “Hey, thanks for fighting with the personnel office for those three days to get your DITY move paperwork finalized.”

No.  What they’re trying to say is “thanks for risking your life, for volunteering to put on that uniform and protect our way of life, our democracy, and my family.”

Have you ever said that?  Did you mean it?  Truly?

Because the best way you can thank us for our service is going and voting tomorrow.  But it’s better than 50/50 that you won’t.

Last mid-term election in 2014 was the lowest voter turnout since WWII.  Let that sink in for a second.  The last time that so few people voted was when 4 million people were in the military fighting a war in two major theaters.  Less than 40% of the population voted, then and now.

That’s why it’s a coin flip as to whether you’ll vote.  And whether you’re serious about thanking us for our service.

Be a patriot.  Go and vote.  If nothing else, go and write in Capt Bob for whatever position is being voted for.  That’ll give the election personnel some head scratching.

And if you’re in Virginia, go and vote so you can answer Question 2.  What’s Question 2, you ask?

Glad you asked, here’s a short podcast that answers that very question.

Remember, thank a veteran tomorrow by going to the ballot box.

And if you need an inspirational quote to help your decision, two weeks ago Zamir Ahmad Khaksar, 35, a citizen of Jalalabad, AFG, said “I would come to vote even if bullets were raining in the city just to have a proper Parliament.”

Puts things in perspective.


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