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Wildrock – An Escape That’s Close to Home

For many of us veterans in the Charlottesville area, we’re surrounded by the busy reality of everyday life.  As we go through our day trying to navigate the roads or weather, we also are sometimes struggling to reconnect back with the world.  Thankfully, Wildrock is a place that is close by and endeavors to help veterans and civilians alike with reconnecting to nature.

Founder Carolyn Schuyler was on Coming Home Well to discuss the EMDR treatment that she provides veterans at Wildrock (you can listen HERE).  She also explained the origins and mission of Wildrock.  It’s a beautiful place in the hills near Crozet.  And all of the volunteers are passionate with helping their guests find what they need.

Of particular importance to you, the CHW reader, is the frequent veteran retreats offered at Wildrock.  Military families are welcome to wander the trails and experience the interactive playscape, a catered dinner, and songs and s’mores around the campfire.  The next event is coming up on September 29, and you can read more about it here on Wildrock’s website.

If you’ve just returned form deployment, or your last deployment was over 40 years ago, check out Wildrock.  It’s a safe and welcome place to experience life as it should be.


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