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Organization Spotlight: Parade Rest VA

During last Saturday’s radio program we spoke with Matt Deegan and Jeff Boecker of Parade Rest about their Vietnam Veteran Project (listen here if you missed it). But what is Parade Rest?

Many local military and veterans will say “they’re the ticket guys!” And yes, Parade Rest gives out a lot of tickets (over 7000 and counting) to military families.  They do a lot more, and it’s worth noting the effort they put into everything.

Of course you know about the project interviewing Charlottesville Vietnam-era veterans.  Because you listened to Matt and Jeff up there.  But they also are focused on Finding the Fallen, searching through volumes of records to find the stories behind all Charlottesville-area veterans in past wars.  They work with local vet groups as well as UVA to highlight these servicemembers and bring attention to their sacrifices.

Add in their sponsorship of runs and events, bringing live music to CVille, and of course their ticket program, and it’s a cool org all around.  Click here and show them some support!  And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

ParadeRest Logo



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