You’re Not Alone

Just take a moment and breathe. Think about that statement.

You’re not alone.

You probably feel alone. Particularly when everything is crashing down on you, whether it be from bad decisions or bad people or just the Fates screwing with you. But you’re really not alone.

During those really really bad times it’s hard to realize. And it’s even harder to believe. But that’s where mantras come in to play. By repeating something over and over again, your brain will eventually stop doubting it and accept it as fact.

Never mind the mental rabbit hole that this little fact will afford you, or that it explains most conspiracy theorists. In those echo chambers, it’s a bad thing to not allow other viewpoints in. But when it comes to your mental health, it’s ok to block out the negative by constantly repeating,

“I am not alone”

It’s a really bad day for Capt Bob today. Been a bad few days. Family struggles, health challenges, financial bullshit….sound familiar? You’re likely going through the same struggles, and probably have it rougher than the situations I’m whining about.

It’s almost like we’re not alone.

Days are good, days are bad. There’s one guarantee, tomorrow will be another day (barring people with bad hair lobbing nukes at each other).

And know that today, and tomorrow, you are not alone.


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