New Year, New Me? Not Quite…

Happy New Year.  Oh, wait, it’s the 23rd of January.  We’re already three weeks into the new year.

So, Happy end of first month?  Happy something or other?  Happy I’m really late with this blog post?

No.  As veterans, our attitude and demeanor doesn’t change when we get a new calendar.  Most of us don’t even own a calendar.  And that’s a challenge that civilians can relate to.

We all hear of the “Winter Doldrums” or “Seasonal Affective Disorder”.  Basically, if you’re not Shaun White, winter sucks.  There’s more darkness than daylight, our Vitamin D levels go down, and we get bummed out easier.

And for veterans who struggle with reintegration into this weird civilian world, it’s even worse.

So what can you do to help your veteran?  Well, you can hear it straight from a veteran who faces more struggles than most, the amazing Matt Owens (

In the meantime, tell your veteran that you’re here for them.  That you’re present.  That THEY are present (something we often forget).  If you really know them well, you can gently remind them what the date is.  We can spend a lot of our time in the past, so it’s sometimes helpful to be reminded that it’s 2018.

And with that, happy 2018 everybody!


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