A Conversation with the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club

When military members transition back to civilian life they quickly discover that something is missing. Camaraderie.

Despite the best efforts of our Lone Ranger culture that dominates the United States today, certain groups of individuals still are able to create tight-nit relationships among their co-workers. The military is a shining example of that camaraderie, and the brotherhood and sisterhood of being in “the service” is an underlying current throughout a career. Sadly, its importance is not fully realized until in a flash, it’s gone.

Previously, veterans would turn to VSOs, Veteran Service Organizations. These include the American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars, a ready place where the Korean and Vietnam veteran could go for a respite, a beer, and an opportunity to swap war stories with their fellow vets. But that trend is changing as more and more younger veterans leave the service and look for somewhere to find the espirit de corps they enjoyed while serving.

For some, a motorcycle club is the perfect answer. And among motorcycle clubs, the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club stands out. The club is named after the famed 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments, the first peacetime all-black regiments of the US Army. The motorcycle club continues to honor the tradition of the original Buffalo Soldiers, while serving their communities and military veterans with pride.

The Central Virginia chapter ( of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club came by the studio and paid Captain Bob a visit. They discussed the history of the Club, what it means to be a member, and how to become a member. It’s a great conversation with some great guys….take a listen:


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