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Local Art Gallery Expands Space and Offerings

Art Gallery 527, located in Scottsville, Virginia, has recently relocated to 325 Valley Street.  The new location will offer more artists, as well as classes for aspiring artists.

Started just last year by owners Mark Mitchell and Catherine Hamilton, business has flourished in this small town.  That, accompanied by requests from the residents, set them on a search for a larger space.

“One of the things that Mitch and I have always wanted to do was to be able to have classes.” Hamilton said.

The previous space at 527 Valley Street, from which the gallery name is derived, was too small for their planned growth.

Their new location is expansive, and the direct result of local resident Larry Barnett’s efforts to help the art gallery meet their customers’ needs.

“It was the perfect space for a gallery with the two classrooms, and storage, and about three times the space which would allow us to have more sculptures, more furniture pieces, and incorporate other artists so we can have a more eclectic mix.” Hamilton said.

Gallery 527 currently has 25 artists with intent to grow.  Among that number is a local Army combat veteran, Gordon Mazza.  Along with his father, Mazza creates unique jewelry pieces using polished stone.

“Some of the pieces are heat-treated, and the heat treatment changes the color tones.” Hamilton said.

For many wounded veterans, art has been a part of their rehabilitation as they assimilate back to civilian life.  Recently the Pentagon opened an art exhibit, showcasing the work of wounded warriors.

Owner Mark Mitchell, himself an Army veteran, wants to expand the gallery to include more veterans.  For him and his wife, also a military veteran, it is important that the gallery be a part of the community and afford opportunities for veterans of all ages.

For more information about Gallery 527, visit them on the web at


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